Exhibitions & Press

Upcoming Exhibition:
Holy Art Gallery, London, UK

Exhibition Venues

Boomer Gallery, London, UK
Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Rochester, NY
Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
White Stone Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, DE
Delaware Contemporary, Wilmington, DE
Blue Streak Gallery, Wilmington, DE
Prelude Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Part-Time Studios, Philadelphia, PA
7Arts Studio, West Chester, PA
Brooklyn Art Space, Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Artists Gym, Brooklyn, NY
Chris White Gallery, Wilmington, DE
Nichols/Berg Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
N.W.A.A. Fringe Festival, Wilmington, DE
Robert C. & Dorothy M. Gallery, Wilmington, DE
College Street Gallery, Buffalo, NY
LA Art Show, Los Angeles, CA
Artspace Warehouse, Los Angeles, CA
Arc Studios & Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA
Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica, CA
Toni & Stuart B. Gallery, Wilmington, DE

Publications & Press
Jane Magazine (5/07 issue, US)
Elements Magazine (vol. 1 issue, international)
Hi-5 Magazine (vol. 8 issue, Japan)
Raw Magazine (vol. 6 issue, US)
The News Journal (Delaware, US)
Art Matters (Delaware, US)

Grants and Awards
Artistic Merit Scholarship, Delaware College of Art & Design

Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica, CA
The Art House, Berkeley, CA

Public Collections
Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, NY
The Ebanks Collection
MK Collection

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