ZA PÓŹNO: An Animated Film About Edie Sedgwick

TOO LATE (ZA PÓŹNO) is a short film made by Polish animator and artist Kinga Syrek as a tribute to the “Princess of the Underground” Edie Sedgwick for the 50th anniversary of her death. This is the first animated film about the Andy Warhol Superstar.

“The protagonist of the animated film is Edie Sedgwick, a model, actress, and star of Andy Warhol’s films. The film, however, is not about her relationship with Warhol, but the relationship with her toxic father. Her difficult childhood has cast a shadow on her adult life, soaked with alcohol and filled with drugs. The protagonists are depicted in silhouettes, resembling paper cut-outs or puppets from a shadow theatre. Their character traits are embodied by animal motifs, to achieve a universal story rather than a specific story; whether or not you are famous, sometimes it is too late to reverse fate. “Too Late” – is a tribute to the “Queen of the Underground” for the 50th anniversary of her death. The soundtrack of the film was produced by Robert Margouleff, who was Edie’s friend, a co-producer of “Ciao! Manhattan” (her final film before her death at age 28) and a Grammy Award winner for his work with Stevie Wonder.”