Last year, Art Basel. This year, Dali Museum.

This past week, we took a much needed and long overdue trip to Florida. I had a great time soaking up the sun with Elvis Presley, Salvador Dali, and some of my familia.

(Of course) blasting Elvis radio on the way to St. Petersburg, we then spent hours walking through galleries of the Salvador Dali Museum. What an artistic genius Dali was. The Spanish artist combined his interest of natural science and mathematics in his painting. His sheer level of meticulousness can only be seen by viewing his work in person. Also interesting to learn, to much of his father’s dismay of choosing an artist profession, Dali continued to paint throughout his lifetime. His choice of color, technique, and relentless rebellion of conventionalism left me inspired. We ended the day with watching Little Ashes (2008). Salvadore-Dali-Museum-St-Petersburg-Florida-11IMAG0993 IMAG1038IMAG1071